es_baluard1Since opening on the 30 January 2004 Es Baluard has become known as one of the most important museums in Spain.  It is home to Modern and Contemporary art, and boasts an enviable position within the renaissance period bastion of Palma.  The modern building stands out amongst the ancient bastion that surrounds it, yet they compliment each other perfectly, creating what many would say is a piece of architectural art in its own right.

Once you enter the grounds of the museum you will find artwork displayed in various dynamic areas.  The central courtyard and terrace host art, as well as the brilliant white canvas offered by the main halls.  The Aljub is an area used for various activities, as well as for displaying art.  It was originally the reservoir that supplied the whole Puig de Sant Pere and docks with fresh water.

As you wander through the museum you get a real sense of the harmony that can be created between old and new.  The museum shop contains items of interest that relate to the current exhibits, as well as to art in general.

es_baluard2One of the prime directives of the museum is to interact with the visitors, and community, on a cultural level. This is done to facilitate education, evolution, and appreciation of the exhibits.  The museum features many planned activities aimed at specific groups.  They host hands on learning events for school pupils and adults, as well as more traditional lectures created to help artists or those interested in art.  Don’t be mistaken into thinking they are stuffy and long museum lectures and workshops, they make sure everything is relevant to the modern culture that surrounds them, such as the photography workshop that focuses on recording your world through your mobile phone.

Upcoming Exhibitions


Cabinet: Manolo Millares – 14/02/2014 to 11/05/2014
A closer look at the art and work of artist Manolo Millares.

Reproductibilitat 1.1 – 14/01/2014 to 16/-3/2014
A collaboration of collectors, public entities, and artists, to bring together a collection that examines the use of photography.

Sound Resonances – Ongoing
Rebecca Horn’s art and music composition by Hayden Chisholm.  ‘Light imprisoned in the belly of the whale’ is a surreal experience that transports you to the inside of the belly of the whale.

Artistic Books – Ongoing
A collection of artistic expression through the medium of books.

Serra Collection – Ongoing
A collection dedicated to the artist Joan Miro.

Upcoming Activities

A Meeting With Protohistory Through The Eyes Of Andrew Muntaner – 06/03/2014
A look at early photography from the perspective of an expert on, and collector of, everything protohistoric.

Fel de la terra – 07/03/2014
A teaser for the upcoming film, and a panel discussion with the film’s protagonists.

Urban Horticulture Workshop – 28/03/2014 to 29/03/2014
The basic principles of creating an urban organic garden, to help contribute to a more sustainable and fair world.

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