Factors to consider when the medium energy rating obtained is low

The requirement to have the energy certificate for the sale or rental of a property has brought to light that medium energy rating obtained by the houses certified so far is an “F” or a “G”, in other words a low rating.

Nevertheless, so far there are a few that have gained the top energy rating an “A”. Factors that determine are: a good insulation with equipment i.e. air conditioning units that are low energy consumers; using geothermal energy or led lighting.

Modern Villa Mallorca with A Certificate

“We are building our latest projects with the “A” energy rating. Along the general lines for a property to obtain the top energy rating the following factors need to be met” says Miquel Bauzà,  director of the company LF91 

1.- A good thermal insulation to prevent either heat or cold from entering the property

2.- Good windows that insulate well, that are airtight and do not transmit heat or cold and that allow the natural light to enter

3.- The equipment installed, like air conditioning must create a feeling of comfort in the interior whilst being low on energy consummation

4.- Most efficient boilers like those that use Biomass, which hardly admit co2 into the atmosphere. More and more communities of owners are relying on this type of boiler and its installation is partly subsidized by the autonomous communities like Madrid

5.- Use of led lighting: this type of light bulb or lighting consumes much less than a conventional light bulb

 property in Mallorca

6.- Use of geothermal: like a source of heat or of coolness in the summer which hardly consumes energy, such as under floor heating

7.- A good orientation of the property: orientation is important to avoid a very powerful electrical impact and also the distribution of the different areas of the property is determinant

8.- Use of efficient materials: there are some materials such as those mixed together, which are seldom used nowadays but which generate a dual chamber between the real brick front and the visible one that is exposed to the weather

The cost savings generated by a home with the highest energy rating

“When designing a home of this style and with these materials, it is true that it can be around 12-18% more expensive but with all the accumulated energy savings within a period of 8-10 years, the additional costs created during the construction will be recovered, ” adds the director of the project management company LF91 based in Pollensa, Mallorca

The large majority of rated properties so far have obtained a low energy rating; this means ratings “E”, “F”, or “G”. According to the director of the company LF91 this is partially because the technical code does not require such advanced materials as those used in the home visited.

“When they built in terms of maximum energy efficiency they thought about office buildings or large business parks because the amount of m2 having any energy savings represents a significant savings in money,” he adds.



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