Why are the Balearics the new target for investments

Property has always remained a great investment option for generations as it offers a wide array of benefits to the investor for a very long period. With real estate, you not just get a long term real estate asset but you can also generate ongoing income by renting the property. However, there are many points to consider, the most important of which are the selection of right time and right place for investment.
Mallorca, the largest among the Balearic Islands Archipelago in Spain, is a well known holiday destination with a rich cultural history and incredible sights, that tourists love to explore. But another major reason behind Mallorca’s popularity is that it has been welcoming the rich and the famous from far and wide for generations by being one of the extensive markets for luxury accommodations and other real estate properties. Many people from across the world have invested in Mallorca properties and these investments have turned out as profitable ventures for them.

Read these steps before you invest

Once you decide to buy property in Mallorca, the next step is to find the most appropriate real estate deal. A few imperative factors which you need to mull over before indulging in the actual deal are:

  1. The place where you are buying the property, the property itself and the associated price. The property and the place are certainly the most significant factors and must be thought about, in relation to the purpose with which you are buying the property. For example, if you are buying it to rent it out, then it must satisfy some of the requirements that tourists often look for before renting the property like, contemporary amenities, its location, the view it offers, the space it has for living along with a rental price which justifies the amenities while being cost effective as well. Similarly, if you are planning to buy the property for personal use, then you must consider your priorities and the expectations you have from your villa or apartment before indulging in the purchase.
  2. The price , of course, is also a vital factor but certainly it comes into account later when you have finalised a few of the properties suiting your requirements.
  3. Sea View Importancy. Finding villas facing the sea with all the modern facilities is not very difficult in Mallorca. Mallorca is full of striking properties with budgets of every amount.

Since, people are going digital in every industry branch you can easily find some of the properties for sale on the internet yourself and consider the deal. There are numerous websites which offer such deals but always remember that you must only work with the credible and reliable companies.

Like here we have a marvellous villa located on the coastline of Sant Elm:

Frontline Property at Sant Elm Beach, Mallorca

Ref 4146 – 2,200.000 Euro

It is a beautiful Mediterranean style villa situated in the romantic village of Sant Elm. It offers splendid panoramic views overlooking the spectacular coastline and the open sea on an 850 sq m plot. The villa has been constructed so magnificently, that you would be mesmerized with its lavishness, amazingly beautiful covered terraces and a pleasant pool facing the sea. There are many excellent restaurants and a prestigious yachting harbour in close proximity of the villa.
To have a closer look at this luxury villa which has been put on the market for sale in the Southwest of Mallorca, you can log on to:

Another, villa which is bit different regarding architecture and location but equally marvellous is

Modern Villa in Pollensa

Villa 4728 – 1,750.000 Euro

This villa, which has also been put up for sale is a spectacular property that offers picturesque views to three bays and is located in the north of Mallorca. It has been amazingly constructed on a hill top in one of the most preferred locations in Pollenca. The architecture of the property is such that you live with all the modern amenities yet you feel a serene closeness to the nature. Here, you can live some of the most relaxing, calm yet adventure filled days of your life. In the close proximity of this villa, is the town centre of Pollenca which has numerous fine restaurants and bars. Sunday mornings are the most vibrant mornings of the week as the whole town centre is transformed in to a vivacious weekly market, where you would love to shop.
You can use the above mentioned link to know about the intricate details of the property and its price. You will also find an extensive list of the features of the property. See the full details here:

Emerging new boutique real estate shops

A whole new concept that is emerging these days in the real estate sector of Mallorca is of new boutique residential properties which are unique in terms of their interiors and architecture. To understand the concept, let us imagine a contemporary home with an innovative modern design, world-class interiors and premium value, where you would love to spend a few days away from the hustle bustle of the city and crowd. Boutique homes can be characterised by modern designs and first class amenities along with a breathtaking panoramic view. Everybody wants to live in a lavish, modern house which looks picture perfect and fitted with all commodities you need for a convenient living.
Vogue Properties, one of the leading real estate companies in Mallorca can help you with the purchase of some of the finest architecture pieces and boutique homes with a service par excellence and unmatched by their counterparts. They have more than 15 years of extensive experience in the real estate market of Mallorca and their experience is reflected in their work ethics and understanding of the properties of the island of Mallorca.
Their multi-lingual, dedicated and friendly team will help you by completely understanding your requirements and specifications, as they offer their clients with the most varied selection complemented by highly professional and efficient service. If you are looking for boutique homes in Mallorca, then Vogue Properties must be your destination. To know more about Vogue Properties and their contact details, log on to
In one of her interviews Mrs. Iris Grunewald, the managing director of Vogue Properties in Mallorca, confirmed the re-establishment of market. In 2011, the real estate market in Mallorca was not considered one of the prime market for real estate investments but it has grown considerably in the last 2 years and now in 2013 it is attracting many investors from across the globe.
She stated that we are seeing a lot more activity at the top end of the Mallorca’s real estate market as we make our way into the coming fall season, with more offers, more inquiries, and more viewings. If we observe the sales statistics for the market above Euro 800,000 this year shows an increase and slightly more sales to date as compared to the sales status this time last year; same happen to sales above Euro 1,500,000 are slightly increased from last year in Mallorca.
If we compare the status with the last year, the main high-end market appears to be rising very slowly off the bottom line. Some specific areas, like Monport in Andratxt, or Pollensa, seem to be well on the way to a fast recovery. Some other areas in the  centre region of Mallorca, are still very quiet except the villages of Santa Maria, Binissalem and Alaró, where property sales have also increased considerably in the last year with property prices similar to the top coastline resorts of Andratx and Puerto Pollensa.

Not sure yet? Try a holiday villa first

However, if your purpose is only to visit Mallorca for a holiday, a business trip or to explore the place in order to gather first hand information on real estate investments, you would need someone with the necessary expertise to provide the perfect and independent-living accommodation for you. One such agency which specializes in arranging holiday rentals of luxury apartments and villas in Mallorca and other places in Spain is “Balearic Villas“. They have a friendly and adept team of multilingual, holiday-accommodation experts who assure professionalism and excellent services while organizing a luxury accommodation for you. The “Balearic Villas” network system has access to over 1400 handpicked properties and they can also arrange the extra facilities which you may need during your stay. Some of these facilities are a private chef, SPA and Massage services, car rentals etc. To know more about “Balearic Villas” and the holiday accommodation that they can offer, log on to

“Buy and Let” properties has become a prominent source of income for expat investors. It gives them an opportunity to have a property at their disposal and the additional advantage that the property can be used for earning a steady income by letting it to tourists. Mallorca properties certainly have the potential to appreciate and pay a regular income to your for years. Mallorca happens to be a place with all the contemporary facilities and a broad range of cultural & leisure destinations. This fact ensures a good outlook for growth in the years to come. Any real estate investment in Mallorca, regardless of its size is a solid investment which assures attractive returns. For a detailed insight regarding the potential of “Buy and Let” properties and to collect information on how to buy the properties & tax implications in Mallorca, log on to


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