Your property can be sold in a faster way if you follow some easy steps and advice. First, the aspect and the decoration of your property are very important. The appearance of the rooms should be immaculate. Buyers are always meticulous about details and the way the house is looked after.

In fact, new businesses are specialising in giving solutions to those sellers who want to redecorate their property to sale it, due to home staging. These companies offer services such as cleaning, refurbishing, painting, repairing imperfections and lighting up the house. Home staging is an efficient way to invest in your property both to sell it faster and at a better price. There are some excellent project managers in Mallorca who can help you in this matter.

Although it may seem nonsensical or incomprehensible to some sellers, no buyer would imagine himself living in a house with your same taste, as exact as yours. Would you buy a house that is too personalized? Probably not. This is why one should show his property as non-personalized, with neutral and modern furniture.

Related to appearance, it is highly recommended that you rely on a professional photographer, who will always stand out the strengths of your property. Visits and possibilities to sell your home will increase, as first impressions will be superb.

Thus, studies claim that staged properties are sold twice as quickly as those non-staged and they can be worth ten times the initial investment. Following these suggestions, negotiations regarding the price will not be necessary.

Balearic Properties is the leading real estate agency in Mallorca with more than 500 properties sold in the last years. If your intention is to sell your house or apartment please contact our local team of experts .

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