2013…we welcome you.  A whole year ahead of us and what a year it will be.  Out with the old, the bad and the ugly; in with the new, with prosperous and happy times ahead.  Everyone who’s anyone will be selecting their new year resolutions over the next week or so and we decided we’d help you out by listing our Top Five New Year Resolutions for 2013 in Mallorca (we promise they are easy to keep to, and if you don’t live here…a good reason to come out and visit us!).

Keep drinking wine!  Most people would say they’re giving up the good stuff for a month or so following the overindulgent festive season.  However, we say believe in moderation and do not deny yourself anything you enjoy.  With the large range of high standard locally produced wine on the island you will be not only be supporting the local vineyards and winemakers but also increasing your serotonin levels by 100% during this chilly January.  Look out for Jose Ferrer ( Benissalem), Can Vidalet (Pollença) or Miquel Oliver (Petra) amongst many others, in local supermarkets or pop in to visit them direct.

Get sporty!  Mallorca offers an enormous range of outdoor activities and sports and we are sure you are already taking full advantage of at least one or two of these.  But this New Years Resolution is about trying a new one.  So if you are a golfer, try paddle boarding, if you are a downhill mountain biker, try canyoning.  Take a short sailing course or learn to scuba dive, try rock climbing or canoeing or join your local sports team.   Talk to activity companies such as Tramuntana Tours, Pollença Cycling or Sail Surf  to help inspire you.

Explore!  Whether you’ve lived here for six months or 60 years there will always be somewhere or something on the island that you have not explored.   Get out there and see what you’ve missed.  Exploring a little further afield such as Ibiza, Menorca or the Spanish mainland is a great option as your Spanish residence discount applies to selected flights and ferries.

Get involved!  Living on this beautiful island is more than just enjoying the fabulous landscapes and wonderful food.  Integrating is extremely important and this can easily be done by firstly improving your skills in the local language.  Try to buy locally produced goods such as oils, jams, bread, wine, shoes and clothing.  Understand what the many Fiestas represent and even try to take part in some way.  If you enjoy cooking you could try perfecting one of the local dishes such as Tumbet, Porcella or a mixed Paella.

Be creative!  Have you ever lived anywhere more picturesque than right here in Mallorca?  Clear blue, vibrant orange, dusky pinks, glinting turquoise… the island is awash with colour.  Draw it, photograph it, write about it… capture it with your skill set and make everyone not living here turn green with envy!

See, we told you they were easy.  Good luck and a very happy new year from Balearic Properties.

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building-a-home-in-mallorcaAbout Anouska
Over the years myself and my husband have loved exploring all over the world. After our first visit to Mallorca we knew we wanted to move here and make this beautiful island our home.
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